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How to Book a Destination Wedding

An essential guide on the process and procedures you need to know to book a Destination Wedding Overseas.

It is hard to think about Destination Weddings in these Covid times. The restrictions on travel and jetting off overseas have halted and we have no clear indication when we will be able to fly. But, with that been said, Vaccinations are in full swing across the world and with the introduction of "vaccination passports" we will be once again able to adventure overseas and finally meet up with loved ones and travel to exotic places that are on our bucket list.

More so than ever, family and friends are more likely to come together from all over the world to celebrate a Wedding, combining a holiday, family and friends reunion- making it One Big Party!

Destination weddings are great when your guests are separated by countries, bringing them all together in a "meet in the middle" location.

Facts About Destination Weddings

In saying that, you do need to know all the facts, information and procedures on how to make your Destination Wedding successful. The charges, contracts, legalities and paperwork are all part of the process. (pretty pictures of settings are near the end of the process)

  • Not all Destination Weddings are cheaper

  • Weddings Venues overseas may want a minimum price or guest number

  • Hiring a venue that includes accommodation requires a hiring tax and daily euro tax

  • Some resorts will require you to "hire" the area out to use (est: Є 2000-Є3000)

  • If there no accommodation with the Wedding Venue, you will need to provide transport to and from the venue for your guests

  • Be patient when waiting for quotes. Europe and Asian Venues and Suppliers take time to come back with pricing and the time difference plays a big part.

  • Deposit books in your wedding - it is non-refundable

FACT: A Wedding Planner is required in most European Countries at their Wedding Venues and Resorts.

It is common to have a Wedding Planner for your wedding overseas. They make sure your requirements are met and your guests are managed adequately. More Asian countries are now requiring you to employ a Wedding Planner.

The following process is how Classique Event operates with our clients' weddings. Other Destination Wedding Planners may have differing procedures but the process is still the same.

When considering a country for your Destination, think of the following questions:

  • Is it accessible for all my guests? (planes, transport, accommodation)

  • Does the culture (cultural laws) fit with your lifestyle?

  • Can you get married in that location?

  • Is the country safe?

  • Does the country have adequate Covid Safe Procedures?

  • Is the country affordable for my guests and us?

Booking a Destination Wedding Planner

A wedding Planner will ask you are following questions: Do your homework and be ready!

  • What Country are you wanting your wedding?

  • What month or date for the Wedding? (seasonal pricing varies)

  • How many Guests (from which country)?

  • Location or venue in that Country? (if you have one)

  • Beach, water views, countryside, backdrop, old historic, unique?

  • What is your vision (theme) of how you would like your wedding to look like?

  • Inside or Outside Wedding Reception?

  • Sit down meals or a Cocktail-style Wedding?

  • How long would you like to stay there?

  • BUDGET! Very Important to have a realistic Budget- Include your accommodation (not the flights)


A Wedding proposal will be created by the Planner and it may include Venues or Resorts that fit into your budget, requirements and needs. The Wedding Proposal will outline the cost of items required and can be altered or changed to accommodate.

The Planner may give you up to 3 different venues in that area to consider and will vary in price due to different supplier pricing. Suggestions may be given and alternatives presented to satisfy the majority of the requests. It's all about fitting into your budget and hitting the mark on your dream wedding.

Wedding Proposals (quotes) can be adjusted until you are satisfied with the end result. The Planner will ensure all the "extra" charges and requirements are put in the proposal so there are no sneaky surprises. A wedding quote is usually only valid for 30 days. Due to pricing variables, the quote would need to be recalculated to reflect the exchange rates and prices.


Once all has been accepted, a Wedding Planner will have a contract with all the stipulations of works to be carried out and a contract between the two parties on the acceptance of the proposal.

You may also need to sign a Venue/Resort Contract on the acceptance of the package.


Non-refundable deposits are required to be paid to book and lock in the date for the wedding as part of the contract. It can vary on the percentage that is required initially. Venues in Greece will require, on average 30% of the total price. Bali venues require a 50% deposit to book in and Thailand only requires a 20% deposit. Taking into consideration that all the suppliers and the Wedding Planner requires a deposit to be booked in, expect the deposit to be 30-50% of the Total Wedding Package. Due to covid, if the wedding cannot go ahead, the wedding will be changed to another date and the package honored.

Also, take into consideration exchange rates from that country. The wedding package is based on the day's money exchange rate. A buffer is usually put into the price for fluctuations. However, the quicker you book in your wedding package with that rate, the better it is knowing that is the price you will pay. are competing with the entire world for a wedding at a venue overseas. Europe, UK and the USA are the number 1 countries that book large destination weddings.


Leave all guest flight and Accommodation requirements to the Wedding Planner. It is a stressful occupation to take on your guests' requests. Let it go and concentrate on the wedding process. A qualified Destination Wedding Planner can plan and book Flights and Accommodation based on what is required from each family or guest.

All you need to do is put on the 'SAVE THE DATE' or 'INVITATION' details of your wedding planner and inform your guests that your Planner will look after all their travel arrangements and accommodation. If the guest books their own travel arrangements, they will not fall under the Planners' 'group booking' and are liable for their own travel.

If the wedding package includes Accommodation at a minimum amount to hire the venue for a wedding, the Wedding Planner MUST book your guests under the group.

ie: Castle in Tuscany - $30,000 to hire for accommodation to have a wedding at the castle. 50 guests at the wedding

25 rooms need to be hired for $1200 per room for 5 nights.


This is the fun part. The golden rule of a bride' Wedding Design is to create a board on PINTEREST! This was designed to put all the things we love into one big mood board. It can be secret and you can share this with your Wedding Planner to get the whole picture. Cake Design to styling the table to welcome signs and favors for guests.

Look. Style. Theme.


It's exciting going to a new country! Exploring the area, the activities you can all do together and the experience you will share with your friends and family. Make it unforgettable.

The Wedding Planner can put together an itinerary and book activities or sightseeing tours that include transport.

Maybe a dinner rehearsal on a yacht?

The Itinerary can be put with the invitation and a price per person if you are not paying for tours. With the RSVP make sure you receive the numbers of participating guests. The Wedding Planner can look after all of the bookings and payments for you. One less stress.

Wedding Attire

Select your bridal gown and the men's attire carefully.

Check the weather at your destination at the time of year when your wedding will be held.

Dress accordingly.

Paris can have huge heat waves in June and in July and August is the hottest months for Spain. Men do not need to be in 3 piece suits and the wedding dress needs to be lighter in the material.

In August, September, and the start of October is the rainy season for Thailand - make sure you have a backup indoor venue ready.

Winter Weddings in the Swiss Alps and the upper European areas, please consider a (fake) fur coat over a heavy dress and a long coat for the males.


Planning a wedding should not be a stressful experience. You are organizing a celebration about uniting two people in love and sharing your life together - forever!

Send out your Invites, in the theme of the country your Wedding is at or do the Covid Safe Idea and create an online wedding site - look at for the best option. It can include all the details on one website, from Invite, details, activities and RSVP's.

The Process to book your destination wedding is organized and managed when booking with a Destination Wedding Planner. They take care of all the requirements and the hidden extras that an average person would be unaware of.

Now you know the procedure on how to book a destination wedding, this is the perfect time to search for your ideal location in a country you have always dreamed about.

If you need any further information please contact us at

Karen Tancin


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