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Destination Weddings 

Australian Weddings Managed to Perfection

We have been creating, styling and Managing Weddings in Australia for over 14 years. With almost 350 Weddings to our name from every culture, custom and community, we can say that our clients are now part of our Classique Family.

We love all weddings, to be honest, we love people in love! We have a passion for Weddings and manage them to perfection to keep our clients sane and organised.

We will only use quality Suppliers who will have your best interests and deliver you what you want for a reasonable price - not the "Wedding Price" that is over-inflated and under-delivered.

However, we will give you the realistic price of your desired Wedding in a Proposal, outlining all the breakdowns of each item so you are able to adjust your budget or your expectations. We will tailor your proposal to meet all your needs.

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ATEIA Photography & Video - Wedding Phot
ATEIA Photography & Video - Wedding Phot
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