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Destination “Marry Me” to the heavenly Greek Islands

Hey gorgeous!! I know you have been searching there, looking for the perfect destination for your BIG DAY—cheers to the love. Salute to your happiness! Cheers to your courage for being able to celebrate love the best way possible. And, congratulations on making the right choice! Destination Greece!

The pictures don't do it justice. Couples from around the world choose the Greek Islands to celebrate their forever love. Celebrate your love and have a fairy-tale wedding in great style. The Greek islands offer you a welcoming greet, historic wonders, and panoramic views, thanks to its natural beauty and architecture - a place where you can tie the knot among luxury and elegance.

Trust me; the Greek charm has everything that you are looking for a perfect wedding. The Medieval houses with a spacious courtyard, secluded villas overlooking a breathtaking beach, boutique hotels with innovative cuisine and decoration, anything and everything is possible! You can have a heavenly vibe wedding among the organic farms, the airy Mediterranean architectures, and the shades of the olive trees.

Agreco Olive Farm

Over the centuries, Greece has been considered as the land of Gods. This place is sure to help you have a divine feel. Your married life and the wedding will be blessed.

Without further ado, let's explore how the warm island sun, the vibrant blue water, and the whitewashed churches are sure to steal your hearts and make your dreams come true. Hold on, just a few things that you should keep in mind for your island wedding before we could dip deeper.

Simplicity is the key when it comes to your island wedding attire

I know there is no exact rule when it comes to your island wedding attire. It's good to keep your attire simple and elegant for your island wedding. Do not wear painful high heels if you are choosing a beach wedding and take those shoes off climbing on to those scenic rooftop photo shoots. Flowing, airy and light in material kind of dress. White is always a good idea for men & women or pastels.

Love is priceless, but how about Greek weddings?

Greek islands have been famous among love birds over the years. The cost of your big day varies depending upon the menu, venue, and a total number of guests and time of the year. Tying the knot among the picturesque island, magnificent views, and heavenly aromas make your dream come true. Get married among the scenic beaches for an ultimate big day as the warm sun caresses your skin.

Say 'Yes, I do' among the tapestry of enchanting Crete

The largest Greek island has dramatic coastlines and the stunning Mediterranean beaches. The blissful vibes will make your private moments special for you and your forever love. Crete is where you will find a perfect blend of its culture and history among the breathtaking natural landscapes.

It is home to the luxurious beachfront resorts that stand tall with incredible architecture, artistic structures, exceptional charm, and style. These resorts are a perfect romantic hideaway on the famed coast of the Elounda.

Your Crete wedding will allow you to enjoy the view that can fill your soul, mind, and body. The diversity of terrain and its sheer size will let you and your better half lounge at the world-renowned soft sand beaches with incredible views. You can explore the quaint villages, climb the remains of ancient civilisations, and have adventure afterwards. Don't forget to tickle your taste buds with its flavorful delicacies of the Greek cuisines.

Crete Beach

Plan your romantic wedding in Crete with the help of a professional wedding planner to have the ultimate peace of mind. If you are looking for a perfect beach wedding, this place has it all. With its bright blue, turquoise, clear waters, there are endless options to choose from. It is home to some of Europe's most beautiful beaches. Elafonisi Beach has even beautiful white sand with a trail of pink in it, streaked from broken seashells.

Whether you want Romantic, Traditional or Greek-style, all weddings are customised to the client's needs. You are sure to love the essential attributes of your big day, including live music, floral arrangements, and the atmosphere of magic and euphoria.

Rhodes Wedding –Perfect blend of History, romance and elegance - The Island of Love

Romance! Elegance! Some places are synonymous with love, romance, and saga, and it stands true for Rhodes.

From the incredible Tuscan hills in Italy to the culturally rich Parisian streets, these incredible destinations, along with Rhodes, have inspired romanticism as a genre. You might lose your heart among the cosmopolitan beauty of Rhodes Island, so hold on tight. With its magnificent shores, azure blue skies, and iridescent beaches, and the Historical Buildings, Rodos has long allured couples to its shores, celebrating their love and tying their knots to make timeless memories. This is where all the Greeks use to spend their Honeymoon back in the day.

The Greek Island of Rhodes sets a dramatic backdrop of rolling hills and azure seas for your big day. The skyscape dotted with Medieval stone buildings and cobblestone alleyways with bougainvillea crept over ancient churches will create an incredible wedding backdrop. As you move from ceremony to reception, the landscape shifts from day to dusk, and the golden sunset will ensure warm touches of serenity.

The cosmopolitan beauty of Rhodes guarantees an action-packed time despite the wedding stresses. Rhodes has an incredible list of wedding options from garden or Beach settings to Resort venues in incredible locations overlooking the blue turquoise sea. This island is perfect for a family-friendly summer wedding. With a perfect blend of natural beauty and the cultural sites, the traditional style and contemporary nightlife, this place is sure to help you make memories that you will cherish for life.

Whether you choose to get married on a cliff or by the sea or on a beach, this spectacular Medieval Island will guarantee you to have the best experience. Have a beach party under the moonlight, or a romantic gourmet dinner in a classic restaurant after your big day. Elope to Rhodes and experience the “Island of Love” and write your own Love story.

A spectacular happily ever after in Santorini

Santorini promises treasured memories for life as the most stunning sunsets to witness with your love. Your big day will be blessed by spectacular Island vibes and the most dramatic backdrop.

Words don't do justice about how Santorini looks. The artistic views of the snow-white limestone walls, blue dome-shaped roofs, rough cliffs, the calm sea, and the breathtaking scenery perfectly describes Santorini! Whether you want to get married at a spectacular hotel-terrace with breathtaking views, the historic chapel or beach, Santorini has it all for your wedding. Recently it has developed into one of the famous destinations for your big day. Brace yourself because we are about to explore everything that you haven't heard about Santorini so far.

The startlingly-blue dome towers of Santorini are the most iconic and photo-worthy places you can ever have for your overseas wedding photography. Whether you want to stroll around the colourful markets or wander through the ancient monasteries that are artistically carved on cliffs, your wedding here will be an opportunity for exploration.

Save the date ahead of time because Santorini remains very busy, and only a few weddings are allowed every day. Between May and September is the best time of the year for your big day. This place offers a variety of options, including a scenic resort balcony, winery, a cliff, or a beach, so make sure you choose your favourite spot wisely. If you are looking for more of a religious ceremony, you can organise your big day in a picturesque small church.

Have you been dreaming about saying your wedding vows by the beach? The beachfront venues are spectacular. You can have both your ceremony and reception as you have the pure summer fun and enjoy the fresh breeze. For a perfect Mediterranean style wedding, you can choose venues like Oceanids Estate that perfectly merges the old style with new high-end features or Laze Santorini that has enchanting beachfront decks, all of those of course with breathtaking views. For the more scenic backdrop, la Maltese is a favourite for Ceremony and Reception combined. For the romantic elope couple, resorts and hotels can offer views and dinner for two.

Laze Santorini
La Maltese Santorini

Santorini is a perfect place to celebrate love for a romantic and a free-spirited couple who craves adventure. The magical view of the deep blue sea, the panoramic views, and the bright sky will enhance your big day.

Getting married among the elegant reflections of Paros

Affordable! Elegance! Vibrant! This place has my heart. There is something undeniably romantic about Paros, where you will witness the blue turquoise sea that coincides with the cloudless sky and bright pink hues.

Paros is one of the perfect wedding destinations and is more affordable than Mykonos and Santorini, at least for now. It will guarantee you have a chic wedding wildly reflected in every aspect! The blue and white light of Paros perfectly blends with the Greek music, and its hospitality with the perfect air of elegance will make sure you have everlasting memories.

Explore the serene beaches, and walk around to feel sand beneath your toes and explore the alleyways and castles, and you will be spell-bound for life. The aroma of flowers while cascading from buildings in bright pinks is picture perfect.

Linardo Paros

Your wedding will utterly captivate the charm of the Greek islands. It's not just you, but your souls will dance, and the stunning backdrop and picturesque hillside villages give birth to the ultimate love stories.

Romance with a twist in Iconic Mykonos Island

Beauty! Glamour! Ultimate luxury! If you appreciate one or all of them, trust me, Mykonos wedding is ideal for you.

Celebrities visit the island throughout the year. Its natural beauty, cosmopolitan lifestyle, mild climate, and the fabulous chic nightlife is just incomparable. Your wedding at the Mykonos is sure to have everlasting memories that you will cherish for life.

Mykonos has an ultimate hustle and bustle during the summers, and it's the island that is crowded with tourists and party-goers who love to visit clubs and iconic bars. If you want to have a private event, summer may not be a great option. Try booking your wedding

off-season to have the dream wedding.

Let's be honest! Mykonian beaches have a lot to offer. The seashore weddings are filled with glorious views, intense emotions, and bewildering colours. You can enjoy the morning breeze until the majestic sunset seals the day.

Whether you want a slight boho and eccentric setup or elegant and stylish setting or refined, minimal, funky, traditional, or extravagant, Mykonos has it all. You can complete the dreamy scene with a fairy lights, candles, and lanterns to add sparkle and romance.

No matter which island you choose, there are many things we need to take care of for your destination wedding. Wedding planning is a stressful task, and chances are you will enjoy little of your big day. To ensure you have a hassle-free and relaxing experience, you choose an experienced wedding planner who can take care of your pre and post-wedding requirements.

There are a variety of budget-friendly options available, consult your personal wedding planner at Classique Event in time and choose one of the packages that best suits you. Plus, packages can also be customised as per your needs to ensure you have a stress free wedding ceremony.

Over 88 Islands in Greece and they all offer something unique and different. One thing is for sure, your wedding will be historically significant to you and deserves to be at a place that has lasted a lifetime, as will your love!

Begin your forever love journey with all the peace of mind and heart and leave everything to us.

Written By Karen Tancin - Owner

Classique Event

Destination Wedding Planner & Management

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