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  • Written By: Karen Tancin - Classique Event Owner

Destination Wedding Essentials

We get all excited when that Perfect Wedding location is found, or that all-inclusive package fits into your budget and all you have to do is find your perfect wedding dress, right?

A Destination Wedding is for the more laid back couple who may not see the venue before the special day, nor taste test the food or wedding cake flavours. They do not have the opportunity to select local suppliers for their day. This is in the hands of the professional Wedding Planner and the venue to ensure all is managed perfectly.

But, when you do find the ultimate Destination and Wedding package, other factors need to be considered and are essential to your budget and success of your Destination Wedding.

Legalising your marriage. Probably the most important part of the marriage. In wedding Packages, a celebrant or an officiant may perform the non-legal symbolic wedding however, this is not legal unless you have specifically requested a legal wedding in that country. You will need to follow the instructions of what is required to be legally recognised in your country and the selected destination wedding country.

The easiest way to be legally married is to organise a legal wedding in your country before you leave. This can be done via your wedding planner or hire a celebrant, pick a date and fill out all the proper legal documents, perform a small legal ceremony. You can then enjoy your Destination Wedding with a symbolic wedding ceremony, knowing you are legally married.

Bridal Party

You were just going to have a small intimate wedding with friends and family that matter the most. Oh, you saved so much money, you can afford to have your besties as bridesmaids. Boom!

This is when the budget blows and you need to factor in all the extras. Bridesmaid flower bouquetsAverage AUD $100 each, Hair and makeup the average price AUD $250 each. Do not forget to look after your mums who would also like to get their hair and makeup done for the big day. Also Include the price for the Bridesmaid dresses, shoes and jewellery. Don't forget the Groomsmen 's Buttonhole flowers AUD $10-15 each, including Groomsmen's outfits and shoes.

Wet Weather alternative

You have seen all the ceremony and reception pictures on the beach, on a cliff, outside a castle, a snow mountain backdrop, but what if it rains or is so windy that your beautiful flower backdrop or stands cannot sustain the weather elements. You need an alternative indoor location. Make sure there is a wet weather plan and expect that it may happen. The Wedding planner and the venue will keep you up to date on the weather and will make the decision on the day, usually 4hrs before your ceremony to give the best chance of getting better. However, do not get upset if nature has other plans, roll with it, accept it, move on and enjoy your wedding.

Wedding Favors

It is sometimes the last thing you remember to do however, if the Wedding Planner or the venue need to order the favors and have them personalised, they need time. A great idea is to look at favors that are from the country where your destination wedding is being held. In the Greek Islands, a traditional bottle of Olive Oil from the region or a beautiful small wood carving from a wedding held in Bali or for Thai Weddings, a little elephant statue or a handmade item. This helps the local community and is a special memento from your wedding to treasure. Look at 4 months before the Wedding to order your favors.

Destination Weddings are fun. You get to relax a bit before the wedding and definitely after the wedding. You have professional staff looking after you and your guests and ensuring your day is amazing. Be prepared that not all guests will be able to attend a destination wedding due to various reasons and trust your wedding planner and venue that they have the best suppliers for you and are very experienced.

Hand over the travel arrangements of your guests to the Wedding Planner, one less stress you do not have to organise.

Go and book that Destination Wedding, create that dream and bring it to reality.

by: Classique Event - Destination Wedding Planner & Management


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