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There is no doubt about it, COVID19 has us shaking our head and wondering when will it ever end? Weddings in the COVID year 2020 are gone! The forward planning for weddings is just a guess at this stage. But it will happen. Weddings will go ahead, albeit a little different with procedures in place to follow the rules of health and safety in each location.

The most frequent questions from engaged couples out there are asking:

So, how do we move on? When is a good time to look at venues? Do we look at a date and guess when venues, countries and flights will open? How do we book a Destination Wedding?

There is no definite answer and we can only provide an educated guess from information provided by each government body.

However, there is a positive in the delay of weddings: you have time!


We all know that we complain we do not have enough time to do things. Well, that excuse is out the door. Now is your time to chose the wedding of your dreams. As time goes on with more time to think (or drink), our priorities can change and the important elements shift with a different outlook. To choose a destination wedding area, venue and look, it needs time. What once was a big country rustic wedding your thing, might now be a small intimate beach wedding in Thailand - because we miss travelling and holidays, combining both now seems logical.

Take this opportunity to search for your signature wedding. Start with what style suits you both and feels comfortable. Do you like European architecture, history and cobblestone romantic alleyways? Does it give you the feels? Start your search in European countries that can inspire you.

In each location, look at the venues/resorts and areas where you are able to have a wedding. The best place is to look is on Instagram with the hashtag of the area. eg: #rhodeswedding #pariswedding #weddinginkotor #thialandbeachwedding better still, jump on our site for some inspiration.

Rome city captures the love
Romantic Rome


The more affordable weddings. In general, weddings at resorts in tropical locations are more affordable and be able to cater to all your needs and sometimes more... fewer overheads and almost all can be done inhouse.

In these times where we need to watch the budget and cut down due to job loss, income reduction due to COVID and restrictions on weddings in the area, a destination wedding at a tropical beach location may be your priority now. Find that location country with those amazing beaches and the style you would like. Many resorts have been closed for 2020 and are doing the much-needed renovation, upgrades and added on extras, to make your day even more rewarding. They have new Wedding and Event packages with a lot of added value that will suit the budget and cross a lot off the list of must-haves.

Wedding Packages - on the beach wedding
Wedding at Lv8 Resort Bali

Look later into 2021 and 2022 year and book it in. Resorts and hotels at this time will take a small deposit est AUD $2000-$2500 (€1500) to hold your date, however, you will be able to move your date if you need to without charge and keep the same amazing package. Depending on the return of flights, looking at the positives that we will fly out sooner than later, I would suggest that booking at the Wedding Venue/Resort a priority as every other couple will be booking a wedding/holiday.


We have time to find the unique. The quintessential wedding that is created and masterminded by the couple. The couples' stamp and that includes a place that is as individual as the couple. no copycats here!

Edmonton Ice Castle - Canada
Edmonton Ice Castle compliments of Blush Magazine

Use your time wisely. Do the research on what captures both of you and translate that into a mood board of creativity. Pinterest mood boards are the bee knees in Wedding Planning. Sometimes it is easier to show pictures than it is to articulate in words. Wedding Planners love loads of Pictures and can see your ideas and look.


Big topic amongst most couples is the guest list of family and friends that may not want to travel to a Destination Wedding now or are out of a job and cannot afford to come. Some couples are worried about their elderly family members travelling in regards to COVID.

It is a tricky minefield as there are many opinions on this matter. We will go into a type of "COVID NORMAL" and with that, we all need to move forward.

There are two types. The people who cannot wait to travel again. The people who are afraid. Both have valid points. You must do what feels right, weighing up all the possibilities and taking into consideration the pros and cons.

All countries have protocols in place with all Resorts/Venues and suppliers having a COVID safety procedure that they need to adhere to. It is fair to say, in anything we do, walking across the street, taking a flight, driving a car, bungy jumping, there is an element of safety procedures we need to place on ourselves to take care. Same with weddings and guests. Follow the rules laid out at each Country/Venue/Resort and the risk is minimised. eg: wearing masks where needed, using hand sanitizer, keeping distance and getting the COVID test before leaving etc.

Covid normal weddings
captured by: Ricardo Moura

We must look forward and begin to put a priority on the union of a couple who want to show the world their love - or to commit a lifetime together and celebrate this love in a very special way. There are many positives coming out of this COVID standstill. We can refine the wedding, explore in more detail extra elements that can enhance the wedding.

Take this quality time to find your Destination Wedding. Staying positive at this time and keeping busy researching and planning for your wedding is a great way to get excited about your wedding. AND so you should be! You can always contact us for ideas!

Even if your booked Wedding has been postponed, it's okay to be disappointed, sad and angry. However, the best medicine is to stay calm, step back and take a breath. Look at the positives and plan that future a little further on. It will happen.

COVID did not dampen your wedding plan, it enhanced the possibilities, it will produce the thought out, well-planned dream. It has given the ability for time, preparedness and cost-saving. Take this advantage and book that Destination Wedding you have always wanted.

Crystal blue seas on Sandy white beach
Le Meridien Khao Lak Thailand
Wedding Reception on the rooftop of Spain

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