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Updated: May 2, 2020

Gone are the days when Elopement was to run away, without consent and get married to your love. (probably because your parents didn't like your choice). However, the word elopement has changed over time and has become trendy, romantic and practical.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love BIG weddings, however, elopements may be a great alternative to suit shy or introverted couples or would like a watered-down version of a big wedding. The positives to elopement are privacy and Intimacy and making it more relevant to the couple. It is also more cost-effective, saving money to go towards something special. Elopement is also great for couples who are limited on time due to work commitments or who have family scattered all over the world. Elopements allow you to be flexible of what is more important in a Wedding and allocate money towards the important stuff, like a long adventurous Honeymoon.


What do I need to do?

Three ways you can get hitched - elopement style.

1. Find a destination Wedding Planner or an Elopement Planner to help you

2. Find a location/Resort/Hotel and organise through them

3. DIY Elopement - Organise all your Vendors and Requirements yourself because you are the bomb DIYer and your management skills are on point.

If you are planning your Elopement in a different location or country, please check with the local authorities on the legalities of your marriage and the process required (this is where a Wedding Planner comes in handy).

Here are 10 easy steps to follow to organise your elopement.


Find that perfect spot. The wow factor. The dream location that you could combine your honeymoon/holiday. It could be a resort or Hotel a spot on a Venice canal or next to the Eiffel tower in Paris. Sunset over a tropical beach or in the countryside, overlooking vineyards. Could even be on the snow tops in Switzerland or a secret spot you fell in love with. A special place is what you see as special. Make sure you organise all your travel arrangements, including flights and accommodation with any activities included.


It is easier to get married in the area you live in. Organise a registered Celebrant and a couple of witnesses to sign your document, then you are able to have a symbolic ceremony anywhere in the world. The Wedding document from your own state or country will have you legally married.


Work out if you would like just your nearest or dearest with you or go it alone? If you do a legal wedding overseas, you require two witnesses.


Check out the local Photographers at the selected location and look at their work and get pricing, book in how many hours you would like. Elopements equal flexibility, you have time to visit different locations for some wonderful wedding photos.


Decide if you would like a ceremony with flowers and decor or take a ceremony package the venue offers that includes all of this. If you are the DIYer, you will need to organise the flowers, decor, Bridal Bouquet & Groom Buttonhole. Look for local Hire vendors and florists.


Organise a local Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist and arrange a time to arrive 2 hours before the Ceremony. Check with the resort/hotel if they have someone on-premise or any recommendation.


Organise your rings before you leave. Give plenty of time to order them. (remember, don't wear them until after the Elopement)


I think it is a great idea to video the elopement. It captures emotions, looks, mood and romantic feel on the day of the Wedding. Invest in a Local Videographer, 4hrs is plenty of time with the ceremony and photoshoot.


Don't forget to take the music on a CD or USB that you would like played at your ceremony.


A romantic dinner at a special place is the icing on the wedding cake. On a beach, intimate dinner with candles and the sound of the waves to a sunset dinner, overlooking mountains. Make sure you book a honeymoon suite, so the resort or hotel can create something special for you both in the room. They love that stuff.


You have just had the most amazing time away, all loved up, married and in heaven. Now to the reality of arriving home and announcing to family and friends you got married. If your parents did not know, tell them first! Go see them! then to the family, then friends. (maybe the bestie might already know).

A great way is inviting all to a restaurant or organise a party at home and announce to all, showing the video and photos. Have a cake.

Where you choose to elope and to say "I do", trust me, it will be special. It is even more special when it is just about you both and not about pleasing others or stressing over guests' needs. No Favors, place cards, seating charts, welcome signs, Invitations or table centrepieces.

Just love!

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