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  • Written By: Karen Tancin

Is it the Decor or the Venue first?

You have been planning this wedding 10 seconds after your partner popped the question (secretly having a pinterest board in anticipation) and you know how you would like the day to LOOK!

That's right, the look!

You see the pictures on pinterst, wedding sites and magazines. Lush looks of gold, white and blush pink flowers, overflowing from each table with 100's of candles setting this whimsical soft mood of total luxe. A green forest with hues of flowers hanging from the ceiling, with yourself as the princess of the forest entering the garden of eden. The scene of vintage love, old wares combined with wood, babybreath and boxes with old fashioned flowers that your parents probably had at their wedding, but called it "in vogue"!

Jardin Tan - photo by wild photography

So, we want all of this. Our whole theme must match right? Bride Dress, Centrepeices, flowers,

type of photography, cars, bridesmaid dresses, suits, the entire feel of the wedding.

The most important part of the wedding is choosing the correct VENUE to suit your look, feel, mood of your wedding. The venue must accommodate your theme and enhance the look you are after. It has to have the same vibe and the capacity to enrich the look.

Photo by Ateia Photography

To choose a modern, cutting edge city venue with luxe fittings will not go with vintage themed decor and old world charm. This type of theme is more suited for Barns, vineyards, old historic buildings and venues.

With old historic venues and theatres, modern, luxe looks tend to get lost in these types of venues as there is always a lot of ornate features already and do not need that extra decor.

If you are wanting that greenery hanging look, make sure venues have the capacity to do this. roof not too high, beams to hold the hanging and you must ask the question on how much weight is allowable. As designers of this type of high end looks, we are faced with logistical nightmares when venues are unable to hold these lavish decor items.

photo by T-One Photography

As Wedding Planners and Designers, we are faced with the words "help" when clients have selected a venue, but are dissapointed that they are unable to do what shows in the picture that they have dreamt about.

photo by classique Event

We sometimes see our clients fall inlove with a venue, the surrounds and their food, but do not have a clue how to theme the venue or even where to start. A good idea is to ask the venue to show past weddings on their social sites and website or jump on pinterest (I should be their promoter) and find simular looking venues and their decor so see what works best.

The short of it is,Wedding Decor look first then find your venue to suit that look. Of course, budget plays a big factor and this will affect how you choose your venue also.

Keep up with the Pinterest boards, the google pictures and the magazine cutouts, they will be your guide on how you would like your wedding to FEEL!

If you want the relaxed beach wedding ceremony/reception/honeymoon under $15,000 then I will see you in Thailand! thats another story!

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